Thursday, March 25, 2010

Jimmy Houston Signs with Toad-A-Flage Camo

Jimmy Houston is proud to announce his partnership with a new and innovative brand of camouflage, Toad-A-Flage. Jimmy will promote their easily recognizable toad print camouflage.

Toad-a-Flage is the brainchild of three local East Tennessee businessmen who have spent many years together hunting, fishing and enjoying the outdoors.

Jimmy Houston Outdoors and Jimmy Houston Adventures will be airing Toad-A-Flage commercial spots beginning with the 2010 Spring turkey season and continuing through the Fall and Winter hunting seasons to promote this new and exciting USA Made camouflage.

Toads are found in every region of the country throughout the year, and their patterns vary as much as the terrain in which they are found. The toad's primary focus is to use mimicry camouflage in order to survive within their natural environment. As a predatory species, the toad's pattern is very effective as a camouflage in any type of setting from hardwoods to meadows, or from backyards to woodlots.
American Toad Pattern
American Toad Original Pattern® 2006
Snow Toad Pattern
Snow Toad® 2006

During the spring of 2006 while working on a food plot, the ownership team discovered a toad in the woods. A discussion began with regard to the amazing camouflage of the toad and his innate ability to blend in with the surrounding environment as well as this being necessary for survival. The name "Toad a Flage" was thrown out (in jest) and the concept was born. After much conversation the group determined this pattern would be a viable alternative to the camouflage pattern currently on the market.

After a few months of research around the industry, demographics, competition and pattern design a decision was made to develop a pattern mimicking the skin texture and coloration of the toad.

Additionally, Toad-a-flage apparel will be available to purchase through Jimmy Houston’s online retailer, You can find links to the online store under the 'Where To Buy' section.

“It’s extremely exciting to see a business idea that started between friends three years ago turn into a business and brand with the likes of Jimmy Houston behind the name. This isn’t your Daddy’s camo, it has its own style and is so uniquely different that the following thus far has been incredible.”
- Paul Makres, Toadbak CEO and Managing Partner.

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  1. this is great and the artist they used did a super job for them. Glad the company is making it, nice to since and idea take root and then make its debute


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