Monday, July 27, 2009

Some thoughts on the 2nd Amendment

Several weeks ago we received an email criticizing me for being a man of God and talking about his love, but having a link(in our old shop) to an online gun and accessory store where someone could purchase "assault rifles" and this was somehow contradictory. Obviously at least a halfway liberal person, they stated that you do not hunt deer with them but that "we all know what they are used for." I simply responded, "Yes, to remind the government that THEY work for US."

I think(and you can correct me) that Thomas Jefferson said,"The beauty of the 2nd Amendment is that you don't need it until they try to take it away." The current administration is possibly one of the most anti-gun, anti-personal liberty, anti-capitalistic one we have ever had. So that battle rages on with groups like the NRA, who have made great judicial leaps in the war for freedom.

In the last 16 years and few months that Obama has been in office the federal government has grown at an alarming rate. Don't get me Wrong, I like G.W. and have fished with him on numerous occasions back when he was governor of texas(By the way George, let me know if you want to come check out the new ranch in Oklahoma), but The government grew to nearly 2.5 times is previouse size with the passing of post 9/11 security bills. The same fences used to keep the bad men out can also keep us fenced in. Now with the Gov taking over private business it is looking even more like an Owellian police state.

Here is where the big 2A comes in. All leagal wording aside, the 2nd Amendment was put in place to prevent a tyranical government from removing the rights of the people. I know there is potential for blow back from this from people who buy into the "everything is okay" mindset, but it is just NOT OKAY. The public figures who are favor more strict gun control almost always seem to have armed guards near by. You would think they wouldn't even be able to speak with that kind of firepower so close the way they talk about how dangerouse it is when the public at large is allowed to own even 1 gun.

Here's the thing, when the government comes in to clean up "problems" with in the country. What do the police have? what does the guard and military have? Fully Automatic "assault weapons." So how are you supposed to stand against the best trained police and military force if you don't have a single fire arm? The people need to understand that the people need full access to the same weapons the military uses(don't blow that out of proportion, I don't mean scuds and LRMs, nukes, etc).

I favor gun control for criminals, people who have commited violent crimes with firearms should not be allowed to own them. That's fine. Mental disabilaties? Eh, you better be specific. A recent bill(supported by McCain) stated that peoples with mental illness' could not purchase(or own, something to that extent) a firearm. The bill is very vuage and could take 2A right away from soldiers who seek help for PTSD, among others. The bill was coined by the NRA as the Veterans Dissarmament Bill.

Besides I like firearms and I like Shootin' 'em. Just got in a butload of amunition for my Sport Utillity Rifle(AR-15)

Any way, just a few thoughts. Not really structured, I know. Good Fishin' and GOD Bless.

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  1. Thanks for your insights. Could not agree with you more. Just found your blog and have already subscribed.


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